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Trimr Hybrid Water Bottle / Shaker Bottle (Black)

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The world’s first hybrid water + shaker bottle. Drink, chug, or use the built in straw. The piston like agitator provides extremely effective mixing power for blending or mixing your drink powders. 24 oz capacity

The world’s first hybrid water + shaker bottle is here. Trimr has taken what people loved about water bottles and shaker bottles and meshed them into one premium vessel. The Trimr bottle is BPA Free, odor resistant, dishwasher safe, and comes with a 1 year warranty. The Trimr product was designed specifically with a dual purpose in mind. It has a built in straw for convenient sipping, which is perfect for water. At the same time, the straw is large enough to easily handle a pre or post workout shake. If you still love chugging your protein shake, don’t worry because there is a chugging lid which flips open and allows for fast chugging. The Trimr Water + Shaker Bottle is designed with an ergonomic shape for easy handling. The Non- Slip Rubber base ensures the bottle won’t slide around, and it fits in cup holders.

What’s so different?
The Trimr Shaker Bottle’s design differentiates it from all other shakers through the use of a Piston-like agitator that moves along the length of the straw. This design differentiator serves two purposes. One – you won’t have to worry about losing the agitator because it is confined by the design of the straw, unlike the wire whisk ball which often gets misplaced. Two – by placing the agitator around the straw and the narrow point of the bottle, it ensures all of the mixture passes through the agitator providing extremely effective mixing power.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Is the Trimr bottle BPA free? Yes, 100%. Our bottles have been tested by an independent certified lab testing all components of the bottle for BPA (Bisphenol A).
2. Is the Trimr bottle FDA approved? Yes. The polymer resins used to craft our bottles are certified FDA approved. The Trimr bottle is also CPSIA compliant.
3. Is the Trimr bottle dishwasher safe? Yes. We recommend using the top shelf and opening up the cap (both chug and sip options).
4. Do you have a patent on your bottle? Yes, several. The Trimr bottle has multiple utility and design patents pending throughout

Designed to Perform
Designers and athletes have long existed at opposite ends of the form/function spectrum. Designers crave beauty. Athletes demand performance. Trimr is where designers and athletes work together. It’s where form and function collide and neither is sacrificed. Their passion is matched only by their clean thinking and sharp execution. And the name—Trimr—is a reflection of that approach: leaner, quicker, smarter, better. Three years in the making, the Trimr hybrid bottle combines the best features of a reusable water bottle with the functionality of a shaker bottle. The patented Piston-Mixing Technology blends shakes to smooth perfection, while giving its user the option no other bottle on the planet offers: Swig or Sip.

Bottle: Eastman Tritan Straw: ABS Cap: PP Agitator: Surgical-grade Stainless Steel (316) Base: ABS+TPE