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Transform Forged MHO Poppers

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On cycle or post-cycle, estrogen can be a major nuisance. At Transform Supplements, we have Forged a new weapon to obliterate estrogen before it becomes a serious problem. We are proud to announce the latest in aromatase-blocking support products: Forged MHO Poppers. Optimize your hormone levels today!


MHO Poppers should be kept on hand for any cycle and are the new Powerhouse in Post-Cycle Therapy!


If you are on an androgenic pro-hormone, then MHO Poppers are a must have! MHO Poppers block non-glandular aromatase, thus blocking the conversion of androgenic pro-hormones to estrogens. More importantly, decreasing estrogens in your blood can increase endogenous androgen levels. An increase in androgen levels may lead to increases in muscle mass and libido and decreases in fat mass. MHO Poppers have been shown to produce a leaner, dryer, and grainier look.


Even if you are not on an androgenic pro-hormone, keeping your hormones at optimum levels can have serious benefits. MHO Poppers can enhance a potent anabolic response which stimulates protein synthesis and muscle growth. MHO Poppers will help you gain lean mass quickly, simultaneously helping to reduce body fat.


This is a new supplement that does it all: increase test, block estrogen, increase androgen levels, build lean muscle, and melt away fat. It may sound too good to be true, but we have the blood work to prove it! We had independent volunteers run cycles with MHO Poppers, and we have posted the results!

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