Assault Labs – Blockade On-Cycle Defence (180 Caps)


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Blockade is the only On Cycle that offers support in these 4 areas:

-Liver Support

-Joint Support

-Prostate Support

-Blood Pressure Support


With cutting edge Ingredients that are super potent and effective Blockade is the obvious choice!


The Ingredients speak for themselves, Assault Labs Dares you to find an ingredient panel as robust as theirs. With ingredients Like SAMe & COQ10, their formula for on cycle is the best we have seen yet!


Don’t leave your body defenseless, get protection with Blockade by Assault Labs



NAC-To Protect and Support the Liver

Alpha Lipoic Acid-To prevent organ dysfunction, remove free radicals, prevent cell damage.

Milk Thistle-Protect the Liver, Cholesterol Support, Antioxidant

Hawthorn Berry Extract-Circulatory System Support, Strengthen the Heart, Blood Pressure Support

Grape Seed Extract-Blood Pressure Support, Liver Support/Function

ZMA-Testosterone & Strength Support, Tissue Repair, Immune Support

SAMe (Sadenosylmathionine)-Involved in numerous biochemical reactions in tissue including the liver, joints and brain. Required for biosynthesis of critical hormones. Repairs Joints, reduces headaches/migraines, Detoxifying the Liver and may also serve to inactivate estrogenic compounds.

Saw Palmetto-Prostate Support

Coenzyme Q10 (COQ10) -Used for Cell Growth, Kidney+ Liver & Heart Support, Speeds up workout recovery

Glucoseamine Sulfate-Joint Support

Vitamin B6-Directly Tied to Protein Intake/Blood Pressure Support