Paypal Dispute Resolution – Customer Q and A

Michael P,

you recently raised a dispute via Paypal, as your Promixx mixer was damaged in transit by Australia Post.

Q: Was the first response by Peak Supplements received within an adequate time-frame?

A: Yes, the response was relatively quick.

Q: Was the Paypal dispute resolution process easy or hard to complete?

A: The PayPal dispute website could be more user friendly and look better (it’s different to the main login) but nonetheless it does its job. The process is a bit lengthy but works well.

Q: Did you eventually receive a replacement product/ cash reimbursement?

A: Yes, I received a replacement and reimbursement for the return shipping.

Q: Were you satisfied with the overall outcome of the dispute resolution process?

A: The dispute was resolved satisfactory but it did take a week to sort some things out.

Q: Would you use Paypal again for purchasing goods online?

A: Definitely, PayPal protected my purchase and gave me insurance for my purchase. It gives me confidence when shopping online.

Thanks for your time.