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Since 2013 we have been supplying the best Australian bodybuilding supplements to our satisfied customers and we strive to give you premium high quality US products at fantastic prices. We are 100% Australian owned company that believes in building fitter athletes through protein supplements and bodybuilding nutrition. At Peak Supplements we have the best brands such as Antaeus Labs, Assault Labs, Premium Powders and Transform Supplements all for you online on this website. 
We believe that Peak Supplements has best bodybuilding supplements and best protein powder online in the whole of Australia, just look at our massive stock list of 76 different products for your bodybuilding diet. Australia is a fantastic place to do bodybuilding, the climate is great for training outside, the beaches are excellent place to chill, train and look good too. That’s why we see that bodybuilding Australia is the place to be and we have the products for you to get fitter, leaner, meaner and looking a lot, lot better too. 
We have some of the best products that you purchase online today including Blackstone Labs Dust in blue sky flavour and Hype Nitric Oxide in fruit punch flavor, sounds pretty good to us and it is good, why don’t you have a try? We have Competitive Edge Labs PCT Assist 120 capsules and BPS EndoSurge Turbo 90 capsules, definitely worth a try we think. The PROMiXX Vortex Mixer in blue, silver and black, plus the upgrade packs in white, black, pink is superb value and definitely worth having a look at. We have a huge array of Premium Powders including Agmatine, Caffeine, D-Asparic Acid Powder, Green Coffee Bean, Keto Burn and Test Infusion, there are plenty more to list, but hey, why have a look yourself? 
Did you know that we have a loyalty program too, well, we do and it’s a fantastic offer for our customers that will give you a 5% ongoing discount after you have ordered from us 5 times. There is a minimum order of $10 and no maximum order amount, products that are on sale do not count towards the discount, sorry about that. We offer express delivery for a reasonable amount of $13 per order and we cover the whole of Australia, normal delivery times between 1 to 3 days. 
On this site there are testimonials for our satisfied customers, please have a read and see how highly regarded we are in the bodybuilding community. If you are not happy, then we are not happy, below is one of our satisfied customers who given his own personal take on bodybuilding and what he takes to train hard, feel fitter, look good and feel good too. Have a read of this testimonial and hopefully it will inspire you to do more and remember to order your protein powder Australia with us! 
Build Your Body With Peak Supplements  
I’ve been a hardcore exercise enthusiast for quite a long time now and in fact I’ve spent the last twenty plus years working out at the gym and in my garage too. For the longest time I went about my business as usual. All I would do is go to the gym, drink plenty of water, and eat a lot of red meat because that’s all I thought I needed to get my body looking like the guys in the fitness magazines. I never considered using any kind of bodybuilding supplements to help improve my look, but when I came across Peak Supplements, the number one supplier of protein powders and best body supplements online in Australia, I decided it might be time to give them a try to improve my results and my physique. 
Peak Supplements has a variety of different supplements, energy increasers, testosterone boosters, protein powders, and a few other items which have all helped me achieve quite an incredible physique over the last couple years. Let me quickly tell you about the main supplements that I’ve been using to get that beach body look that I’ve always wanted. 
Testosterone Boosters  
The first supplement that I started using to improve my workout results was a testosterone booster. Not only did I suffer from a slight testosterone deficiency before, but I had also heard that it could do a great number of things for me, especially when combined with some good old weight lifting. The increased level of testosterone in my body from taking the supplement on a daily basis in between my strenuous exercise routines has had a great number of benefits for my mind and my body. 
The main thing that I noticed right away is that my muscles feel stronger, they can work for longer, and of course they started growing much quicker too. I have also noticed that it has managed to increase my metabolism which means that I burn more body fat and can eat more food without gaining any weight. This stuff has also had a great effect on my mind, that being my vastly increased self-confidence, not to mention my highly elevated libido and my ability to sleep. I love the results that I am still getting from these testosterone boosters because I am stronger, faster, leaner, I sleep better, and my libido is like that of a 20-year-old. 
Pre-Workout Energy Boosters  
One thing that I always had trouble with when exercising is the fact that I couldn’t concentrate on whatever I was doing for more than a few minutes, not to mention that my energy was usually gone within the first fifteen minutes of lifting weights. For that reason, I decided to start using a pre-workout energy boosting powder and let me tell you that it has worked wonders for me. I always thought that drinking an energy drink before my workout would do the trick, but as soon as I used a pre-workout powder for the first time I discovered that a basic energy drink definitely wasn’t cutting it. 
With any one of the pre-workout powders from Peak Supplements I have been able to quadruple the amount of time I can work out for. This fantastic stuff helps me concentrate and keep focus on the task at hand for much longer, it greatly increased my stamina, and it even helps to build my muscles quicker too. Taking pre-workout powders combined with testosterone boosters has gone a very long way in improving my exercise routines and the results I get from them. 
Protein Powders  
One of my favorite and most used supplements that has greatly improved my physique is protein powder. I myself prefer the vanilla flavor, but you may like the chocolate or any number of other flavors. This is definitely my favorite bodybuilding supplement because it has done more for me than anything else. I have noticed that a good protein powder works really quickly to build muscle mass, not just any muscle mass though; it’s all lean muscle mass. Speaking of my muscles, protein powder has also gone a long way in preserving the lean muscle mass that I already have and it helps to improve muscle recovery after every workout so I can get back to lifting weights much faster. 
Another thing that I really like about protein powder is that it helps to increase my metabolism and burn fat faster than ever. Besides all of those great things protein powder has also helped with improving my digestive function, lowering blood pressure, and lowering cholesterol too! After just one month of taking protein powder in combination with daily exercise I have noticed a massive difference in my muscle size and my ability to lift increasingly heavy things. There is no other place I would go for all of my protein powders and workout supplements than Peak Supplements. 
More Supplements!  
There are also a few other supplements that I’ve bought from peak supplements and I still use the vast majority of them. One thing that I invested in was joint health powder, mainly because lifting a lot of weights can negatively impact my joints and cause damage to them, something that I definitely don’t want. My bones and joints used to hurt all of the time after exercising, but since I started taking a joint supplement I have noticed that the pain is less and less.  
Another thing that I used on a daily basis, at least in the beginning until I got my weight under control, was a lean body fat burner. These fat burners are great because they are dietary supplements that fire up my metabolism and help me lose weight. They suppress my appetite so I don’t eat as much, they increase energy so I can exercise more, and my boosted metabolism fights off my muffin top and love handles too.  
The supplements I have listed above are by far my favorite things to get from Peak Supplements because they have helped me achieve the look I’ve wanted all my life, but that isn’t all because they have many more products to assist with bodybuilding. 
Disclaimer: Always read the label. Use only as directed. Incorrect use could be harmful. If symptoms persist see your doctor. Your pharmacist's advice is required. Your doctor/healthcare professional will advise you whether this preparation is suitable for you/your condition. Items with homeopathic claims are based on traditional evidence